1- Advice:

2- Creation Business

We help you to first prepare your business project. At Startup age of your activity, we free you of your legal obligations and assist you every day to manage and sustain your business.

3- Accounting

Beyond the usual business tax declaration and keeping of proper accounting , we go further to customer demand by converting the figures from your accounting to relevant indicators to monitor your business and help make the right decisions.

4- Business Law

              SCAHR has multidisciplinary skills involved in key areas of business law. Its domain of expertise contributes to the construction of secure and efficient solutions at all stages of the corporate life.

5- Audit

6- Management wealth

7- IT

8- Pay-roll

By trusting us with the outsourcing of your pay, you not only make the choice to get rid of the complexities and the permanent evolution of the legislation, but also the choice of real specialists, in permanent connection with tax and social news. You send us information about your employees every month, we take care of payroll management. You get more advice from our expert in human resources law.


SCAHR offers a range of services that meet the requirements of the professional world. Individual or company, job applicant, you can choose to follow one of the training in our catalog or opt for a completely customized offer. The flexibility of our approach allows us to adapt to your needs, according to your strategic orientations and your constraints.

10- Recruitment and provision of staff